Stainless Steel Hygienic Wall Cladding J Section
Stainless Steel Hygienic Wall Cladding J Section

Stainless Steel Hygienic Wall Cladding J Section

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Brand Hwc
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Stainless Steel J Section/End Profile Steel Finish | 304 Grade | For use with 0.9mm Hygienic Stainless Steel Wall Cladding  | 2.5m length

  • Stainless Steel J Section also know as an End Profile or Finishing Bar
  • Specifically designed to match Polarex Stainless Steel Hygienic Wall Cladding
  • Comes in a 2.5m length
  • The End Profile is to be installed where sheets start or finish or where they are mitred to finish the edge of splashbacks
  • Complies with EU Foodsafe standards and regulations
  • Cut to size using a circular saw or jigsaw
  • 304 grade stainless steel is typically used in architectural fabrication and trims, As well as sinks, splashbacks, for catering applications, sanitary ware, troughs, brewery, dairy and food production equipment.
  • Offers good corrosion and oxidation resistance and is therefore perfect for commercial kitchens
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemical, atmospheric and food industry exposures

£11.80 per length (Ex VAT)

Due to its weight, Polarex Stainless Steel Panels will cost more to ship. If Stainless Steel Trims are bought with Stainless Steel Panels please select shipping for Stainless Steel. If trims are purchased alone regular shipping methods may be selected. Please allow 1 – 3 working days for delivery. 


  • Chromium Cas no 7440-47-3 10.5 – 19.5%
  • Molybdenum Cas no 7439-98-7 0-2.5%
  • Manganese Cas no 7439-96-5 0-1.25%
  • Silicon Cas no 7440-21-3 0-1.%
  • Nickel Cas no 7440-02-0 0-0.75%
  • Copper Cas no 7440-50-8 0-0.6%
  • Cobalt Cas no 7440-48-4 0-0.6%
  • Iron Cas no 7439-89-6 Balance

Areas of use

Nurseries, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Commercial / Residential Kitchens, Restaurants, Cafés, Splashbacks, Hospitals, Residential Care etc.

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